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Horticulture: The Art and Science of Smart Gardening



Horticulture: The Art and Science of Smart Gardening


About us

"Without gardeners, there are no gardens. Horticulture is dedicated to
celebrating the passion of avid gardeners, who take delight not just in
gardens but in garden-making. Our informative, engaging writing and
brilliant photography enables gardeners to create spaces that make them
proud, beautify their hometowns and provide a gathering place for family
and friends.

But Horticulture is more than a print magazine that has been in
continuous publication for more than 100 years. Its a thriving community
of gardeners who are passionate about sharing their collective wisdom
with like-minded souls across the United States and around the world.
Between print editions, these CoHorts (as we call ourselves) are in
constant connection on Facebook and Twitter, participating in
conversations in the forum and sharing updates on the blogs
(The Editors Blog, The Gardening Blog).

Some of us grow for beauty while others grow edibles to sustain our
families and communities. Were all proud of what we produce, and through
the process we strengthen our minds, bodies and spirits. Few avocations
are as rewarding on so many levels as gardening.

In print and online, we cultivate and nurture the gardening community by
spotlighting noteworthy gardeners, gardens and nurseries across the
country, and providing unparalleled information on exceptional plants,
inspirational garden designs and the gardening products and accessories
gardeners want and need.

Horticulture is a division of F+W Media, Inc. With its headquarters in
Cincinnati, F+W has nearly 1,000 employees worldwide and operates offices
in Devon, England; New York City; Savannah, Ga.; and Iola, Wis. The
companys publications target hobbyists and enthusiasts in categories such
as writing, fine art, graphic design, crafts, antiques, various
collectibles, coins, stamps and the outdoors.

F+W publishes more than 50 magazines and has an equally deep
book-publishing program across 10 different imprints in complementary,
special-interest fields. In addition, the company owns and operates
conferences and book clubs in the United States and United Kingdom."



Content Sample

Weekly Tips

Weekly Tips

Get Smart Gardening tips and advice right here, right now.

Watering Houseplants: Tricks and Tips
January 10, 2017 | Meghan Shinn | 0
watering houseplants
All houseplants need water, to varying degrees of course. No matter what
you grow indoors, weve got the ins and outs of watering houseplants for
the best results.

Increase Humidity for Houseplants
January 2, 2017 | Meghan Shinn | 0
Houseplant books and hang tags often mention that indoor plants appreciate
humidity. The typical home doesnt always offer moist air, though,
especially in winter, when the air is naturally more dry and most heating
systems dry it even further.

Indoor Bonsai: Choose Wisely for Success
December 20, 2016 | Meghan Shinn | 0
Bonsai can make a wonderful houseplant (and a lovely gift) but only if
some consideration goes into choosing a type. Here are guidelines for
choosing and caring for a bonsai tree that will live its life indoors.

Witch Hazel, Winter Hazel: Whats the Difference?
December 13, 2016 | Meghan Shinn | 0
witch hazel pallida
With their similar common names and some similar characteristics, winter
hazel and witch hazel can be easy to confuse. Here are the differences
between these treasured shrubs that flower when little else is in bloom.

Hellebores As Houseplants? Tips for Their Care Indoors
December 6, 2016 | Meghan Shinn | 0
hellebores houseplant
Visiting a garden center at this time of year may reveal pots of
white-blooming hellebores among the poinsettia, Christmas cactus and other
holiday favorites. These hellebores are usually selections and hybrids of
Helleborus niger, also known as the Christmas rose.

Help Groundfeeding Birds By Delaying Fall Cleanup
November 28, 2016 | Meghan Shinn | 0
Some gardeners like to do their garden cleanup at the end of fall, while
others prefer to put it off until spring. Both approaches have advantages,
but delaying cleanup until spring is more beneficial to wild birds.

Non-traditional Holiday Houseplants
November 22, 2016 | Meghan Shinn | 0
'Magnifica' slipper orchid
Whether youre looking for a host/hostess gift thats a little bit different
or you want to add some living cheer to your holiday decorations, check
out these houseplants. Weve looked past the usual poinsettia, amaryllis,
Christmas cactus and cyclamen to

  Read Article

When to Stop Watering the Garden in Fall
November 15, 2016 | Jennifer Smith | 0
Even in the late fall and winter, plants, especially broadleaf trees and
shrubs, still exhale, or release moisture. Meanwhile the seasonal winds
wick that moisture away. Later, when the ground freezes, plants are not
able to take up water to

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Air Plant Care Depends on This Key Task
November 8, 2016 | Meghan Shinn | 0
air plant tillandsia xerographica
Air plants (Tillandsia spp.) are quirky little plants that are easy to fit
into any interior. For the most part theyre very low maintenance, but
there are a few tricks to air plant care, and one key step that will

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Compost Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns With These Tips
November 1, 2016 | Meghan Shinn | 0
compost pumpkins
Can you compost pumpkins? Yes, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns can be added
to the compost pile, but you will want to follow these tips for the best
success. No compost pile? This post includes tips for garden uses for your

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Help Bats With Simple Efforts in the Garden
October 25, 2016 | Meghan Shinn | 0
help bats
Youve heard of bird gardens, butterfly gardens, hummingbird gardens and
bee-friendly gardens. Why not take your wildlife gardening to the next
level with a bat garden?







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